Top 10 Leather Jackets From The Movies

It is a universal fact that leather jackets are something different when it comes to class and style. It has no competition from any other apparel or piece of clothing. Leather jackets are rugged, tough, and sturdy, which gives the wearer a feeling of rebellion and anarchy. You don’t see little toy soldiers wearing leather jackets, leather jackets are deserved by only people with authority and superiority. Keeping the iconic class of leather jackets in mind many of the superheroes and villains have adopted this style. The best way to create an impact is to wear a leather jacket. If you are willing to have the same effect, then you could take help from the following list.

Christian Bale’s Crusader Jacket in The Batman Begins

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movie franchise is hands down one of the best superhero movies ever to exist in Hollywood. Under the direction of Nolan, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and late Heath Ledger created magic. The performances can never be forgotten, especially after Heath Ledger’s death which made the character of The Joker immortal. This trilogy has given many things to take inspiration from, and one of those things is the leather jackets in a scene when Bruce Wayne was chasing criminal. He was wearing a fab looking Crusader Leather Jacket which was an indication of how rich and classy Bruce Wayne really is.

Bane’s Sheepskin Coat

Talking about The Dark Knight and leather jackets we can’t miss the badass villain who broke the bat. Yes, I am talking about Bane and his legendary Bane’s Sheepskin Coat. The long coat with sheepskin making Tom Hardy’s Bane a character you can’t forget. After Heath Ledger’s Joker, it almost reached the level of villainy. Still, Tom Hardy did a fabulous job, and that leather coat supported him fantastically. It is the attire that makes a good character look excellent and inspiring. The third movie in the franchise was Dark Knight Rises which was a big hit, and Bane was the most dominant component of the movie. The Bane’s leather shearling coat is something worth losing mind to. The dominance was unmatched.

Leather Jacket of Solo From Star Wars

The iconic character Solo from star wars has been a reason for so many good memories. We remember the character as if it is still new. The captain used to have this sleek looking vest that was accompanied by this legendary blue jacket. In The Force Awakens, the character needed more style, so they went for a leather jacket. The eye-catching leather jacket became every ones’ favourite in no time. Maybe it is the reason why movie makers decided to keep the look even in the later movies. The amazing looking cowhide leather jacket is still irresistibly desirable by everyone.

Tony Stark’s biker jacket in the movie Iron Man

When we talk about superheroes, we have to speak the most immense superhero universe, The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Marvel gave us many cool movies with characters that we didn’t expect that could become so important for us, such as, The biggest hero of Marvel. The man, the legend, the super genius playboy The Iron Man. Other than Tony Stark’s suits and cars, there is one other thing that every kid and adult dream of having is Tony Stark’s leather jacket. The black biker leather jacket which Tony has worn in Iron Man 1 is something worth admiring. The coat is so good that you would even forget about the flying suits. Even the production had the idea of the increasing fan following that fantastic leather jacket. That’s why they add more leather jackets in later movies of The Iron Man and other Marvel movies like Captain America: The Civil War, which is one of the top Marvel movies.

Young Joe’s Leather Jacket from the movie “Looper”.

Looper is a movie which is among the masterpieces that didn’t get the attention and appreciation as it deserved. Although the plot was okay, the storyline was good, but the characters were remarkable. We get our next favourite leather jacket from the name Young Joe in the movie Looper. The jacket is made with lambskin leather, and the speciality is it’s darker than night black colour. The colour is so dark that it will make you look like a vigilante.

Ranger Duster of Aragorn from the movie “The Lord of the Rings”

The lord of the Rings is loved by generations, and there is no doubt that future generations will love it as much as the current generation does. The cinematic experience was fantastic, with mind-blowing scenes and some heart wrenching acting by the starts. My favourite character was Aragorn because of so many reasons. Still, the reasoning here is his get up. He wore a ranger coat without zippers (obviously zippers weren’t invented at that time). The jacket gives a laid back casual look, but when Aragorn has it, the coat looked kickass.

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine’s jacket in the movie “Days of Future Past Jacket”.

Now, we are going to talk about the most beloved character from the X-Men series none other than Wolverine. Wolverine was amazingly portrayed by the legendary artist Hugh Jackman, and it has been made sure that nobody after him could ever reach the bar that he had set. The franchise has always been right when it comes to costumes. Take the example of Hugh Jackman’s leather jacket that he had worn. All these jackets were outta this world, especially the leather one that he had on, in X-Men, The Days of the Future Past. Flap collar with a reddish-brown colour is just a treat for eyes. If you desire the same look, you should quickly get this one from online stores.

Jacket of Agent K from the move “Blade Runner 2049”

Ryan Gosling has some great movies in his belt, and the performances he has delivered has made his name in the A list stars of Hollywood. Other than his heart touching acting, his looks and his heart-wrenching personality his dressing style is what people are fan of. In the picture, Blade Runner he has worn a high class leather jacket which later became one of the most loved and wanted movie jackets. The jacket becomes the dream coat for many people all around the world in no time, and people were itching for it. The same jacket is now made available for satisfying their need for style and coolness.

Jacket by Captain Kirk from the move “Star Trek”

In case you don’t want to look like a Marvel superhero or villain, then try something new and different. Yes, we are talking about an interstellar time travelling gangster, Captain Kirk’s from the movie Star Trek. The jacket that he had worn is certainly not from this planet and something from outer space. The design is so sleek and futuristic that it becomes desirable in just a single glance at it. This jacket is not only a definition of style and class but can be your best friend in occasions uncountable.

Tyler Dudden’s jacket from Fight Club

Fight club is a movie of a generation. This movie was so ahead of its time that after all these years this movie is still a masterpiece. The plot, the storyline and the cinematography were perfect and a treat for movie lovers. The character of Tyler Dudden in his red leather jacket was every man secretly wants to be. That was and still is the dream persona of a man, struggling in this society. The society built on consumerism is a threat to the authentic masculinity and manly features of males, If you are also a victim of society and feel the need to break out, then you must try this leather jacket. We assure you that you will as if something new has taken over and you are a different man now with things under your control. You will like a man who doesn’t take orders from no one who is above the status quo and who was born to follow but to lead.



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