5 Tips To Correctly Store Your Leather Jacket

Tips To Correctly Store Your Leather Jacket

LEATHERS JACKETS….  Leather Jackets have always been a symbol of prominence and eccentric macho whenever it comes to clothing, they are quite versatile and can mostly be worn over any piece of fashion. As they say, one should always have a crisp white shirt and a leather jacket in his wardrobe at all times. Tastes of leather in jackets vary primarily upon its wearer, whether be it a medical condition or just some specific concoction of coolness. But things don’t necessarily end here, one’s gotta keep his/her leather jacket in its prime state as in leather is leather and leather can be degraded over time.

There is a pro tip as in how to wear your precious leather jacket after you’ve purchased it obviously, toss it in a bathtub of water and let it sink in to loosen the garment’s stiffness (CAUTION: This may vary upon the quality of leather used, your jacket may shrink) or just fold it 2 maybe 3 folds and apply decent pressure just to get that classy beaten up leather jacket look. However, there are quite a few tips to keep your leather jacket always in its substance.

Closet or A Wardrobe:

Your leather jacket needs your attention and care after you’ve just used it to rock a party or just simply been wearing it all day, it should be hung on a proper hanger inside a closet or a wardrobe(considering ideal storage scenarios). Space shouldn’t be cramped, as in the leather needs to breathe after a long tiring day.

Storage Conditions:

Leather most times, it doesn’t necessarily enjoy coming into contact with moisture for prolonged periods of time. The humid atmosphere isn’t one of leather’s best friends, it makes the leather weak and sometimes may cause it to lose its elegance.

Keep an eye out for what goes inside your Leather Jacket:

Speaking of leather, its way too sensitive for what goes inside your jacket’s pockets. Acidic and corrosive substances may cause unwanted damage and tear. You might wanna think twice before shoving random objects and stuff into your pockets that might come out as lethal for your jacket.

No Need to wash your leather jacket:

There’s absolutely no need to wash your leather jacket quite that often if you’re concerned about it, In the first place your leather jacket isn’t supposed to be washed at all, if if you think it’s dirty. Primarily, leather jackets are best sported on with messy, dirty, and beaten up appearance. So, washing your leather jacket is totally out of the equation.

Keep away from sharp objects:

Your leather jacket is not an armor (just kidding). Although how hard the leather may seem but its always prone to get cut by sharp objects, and as it may seem you wouldn’t want that to happen. Leather is not some cheap fabric, but it is quite in fact cost deriving to manufacture and be stitched into a jacket by skilled craftsmen. So, you might wanna honor your leather jacket and wear it accordingly.

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