How to Wear a Leather Aviator Jacket? 5 Tips for Men! | Styling leather jacket

One of the most timeless and

 items to have ever existed, the aviator leather jacket rises from the ashes season after season. 

A straightforward aviator jacket may take control of all wardrobes anywhere – and that too in one of the best ways, whether it’s for a day event or a night party.

Wearing a leather aviator jacket is not sufficient in and of itself. Do not stop reading if you are wondering what we are discussing. We’re going to give you 5 fashion advice in this blog. When choosing a leather aviator jacket, remember to implement it.

Check How the Jacket Fits

As a starting step. If you want to embrace the leather jacket trend, avoid choosing an oversized leather aviator jacket when you are trying them on. The reason for this is that the jacket’s slight stiffness will make you appear boxy.

While it shouldn’t restrict you, the fit should feel snug around the shoulders. Additionally, it’s important to decide whether or not you’ll layer underneath the aviator jacket, as this choice will influence the size of the jacket.

Don’t Limit Your Jacket to Special Occasions

These jackets may become limited because of their comfortable, casual to semi-formal appearance. Some people only want to wear them at basketball and football games since they identify them with those sports. 

Fashion experts state against limiting these flexible jackets to only a few specific events, though. Instead, maximize your ability to gain from them. You can put them on when you go out with friends, go to a party, go to work, or go out for the evening. Don’t let one style define you by limiting your wardrobe; try pairing your leather jacket with a variety of clothing.

Pick the Right Color

Black is a reliable and attractive choice in that it complements practically everything. If you don’t want to invest in a black leather aviator jacket, a camel brown color will also complement all of your clothes rather nicely.

If you want to wear an aviator jacket regularly, we wouldn’t advise you to choose vibrant hues like red, green, or yellow. It’s because your options for clothing will be limited by these colors. As a result, such colorful leather aviator jackets are not appropriate for regular wear.

Don’t Over Accessorize

It’s not necessary to overcomplicate your appearance or add additional pieces just because you’re wearing outerwear. It’s best to keep things straightforward. You will appear more handsome the more carefree you are with your appearance.

Avoid using bold colors, extensive stitching, or too many accents. Gentlemen, keep it simple and neutral.

Layer It Up

Not everyone is adept at layering under the aviator jacket. However, your sense of style might work great if you manage to pull it off unintentionally. 

A basic t-shirt can be worn under a knit sweater, hoodie, or even a denim jacket before you add an aviator jacket. These various materials and textures will give your entire ensemble more personality.

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