How To Spot A Good Leather Jacket

As your esthetic sense peeks from the style of your dressing then it says it all, the kind of choice you have and the state of mind you are in while selecting your clothing. People with such high esthetic sense have always had troubles choosing and buying their clothes for their closets to be filled in with the best kind of garb, no doubt. But it always payback as well if you really take your precious time in going around from one store to another while selecting your choice of clothes. So when eventually, once you do find your kind of things, then you stick to that one particular store for good and buy your stuff from there only, no wonder.

The question arises when you plan to buy your first leather stuff ever, and that is, why to go for a leather jacket?  Like coats leather jackets don’t go along well with every garb you wear or even the places you want to visit while throwing on a formal business dress the leather jackets look kind of odd. So why the heck should we go for leather jackets every time we plan our wardrobe especially when it is expensive as well? Well, the answer is simple and mind boggling, the leather jackets have an attitude that other garments do not. The most important thing about leather is that it’s tough, rugged, funky, unique, stylish, protective, and robust but above all it wears its own perspective, its own stance for every individuals.

So it’s time for you to make a fashion divulgence with your leather jackets that would go with your style statement. As buying a leather jacket could be a strenuous task especially if you are doing it for the first time. Below are the few tips that we have it for your understanding when buying your first leather jacket.


The first thing that strikes to the on-looker when searching for a leather jacket is it’s styling, of course. If a leather jacket is stitched elegantly in vogue, it’ll be the first ever thing that a buyer will notice. Even if the color is not of your type even though you’ll definitely go for its style and class.


The second most cardinal thing about a leather jacket that most buyers would want is its quality of texture. Although leather could be coarse, hard or rough in texture but if the texture is soft, smooth, luscious or velvety in touch then it’ll be your first priority to pick one after styling.


Thirdly a buyer should consider the leather’s durability, its strength. There are leather jackets whose been thrashed badly during different procedures of manufacturing, where it has to go through various levels of wear and tear, there it shows its outstanding strength to bear all those crushing and thrashing etc. Therefore the durability of a leather is essential.


A leather that a guy would go for should have a real, genuine leather. The question arises that how can you make it if it’s real or not?  How to differentiate between the genuine real leather and a fake one? Well simply the smell of a pure leather is quite pungent and noticeable even to an amateur buyer. By smelling the pure leather’s odor, one must make out if it’s a real leather or a fake one, simply.


At times there are leathers that go through different procedures and are naturally torn, sand –off  and faded from different areas of the animal’s skin/hide by default. In order to make it shine through, full grain leather and smooth in texture, the craftsmen apply some kind of a procedure of making it look like a full grain leather artificially. But most of the leather is by defaulter a full grain leather without being sand-off entirely. Such leathers are considered to be the best kind of leather to be chosen.


The best pure real leather of high quality would always be quite heavier than a fake leather, always remember this. Before selecting your own leather jacket, you must consider this point in view that normally a pure genuine leather jackets would be holding a great weightage than the other leather jackets that are lighter in weight could be fake or of low quality leather.


Once a guy think of buying its very first leather jacket, color is something that strikes one’s mind exceedingly. People at times love to play with colors, and like to have their wardrobe filled with colorful garbs in their closet. Colors play symphony on people’s mind, no wonder, and that is why there are few guys, despite choosing the neutral hues of leather, found naturally, few guys like to have colorful leather jackets for themselves. When they open up their closets they like to see all the colors inside their wardrobe. So buy colorful jackets such as  classic reds, greens, yellow and olive green which would be the best leather jackets for men, you have the full liberty to choose any to enhance your style and elegance in vogue.


Another important thing to notice while selecting your kind of leather jacket for the very first time is its mode of stitching. One must notice the intricate details in stitching style before making a decision. Make sure that the shoulder blades should have a perfect fit in lieu of hanging below the lines. Otherwise your jacket will hang loosely on your shoulders and would give a look as if you are wearing somebody else’s jacket rather than your own. The meticulous intricate details in stitching will speak for itself indeed.

Though the leather jackets were used very seldom in the ancient times, only occasionally they thought of throwing on leather jackets as compared to today’s fashion. But these days the leather jackets are worn for fashion as well as for comfort, style, uniqueness and on top to wear attitude. Leather jackets are in vogue and are worn in today’s fashion world merely for a pleasure and ultimate congeniality.

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