How to Clean your Leather Jacket Efficiently

How to Clean your Leather Jacket

Dope motorcycle jackets! Bomber leather jackets! Classic bad boy leather jackets! It’s just ridiculous how cool leather jackets are when it comes to style, leather tends to add more and more distinctiveness in one’s overall attire, and often are known to throw in extra macho over one’s physical appearance.

Although they aren’t fairly cost friendly, meaning they don’t come cheap and that’s because of all the skilled craftsmanship and premium quality substances that have been employed in the making of your cool looking, bravado boosting leather jacket, you should be proud of your jacket and take in its pride every time you wear it.

However, hasn’t it ever occurred to you as in, how should your jacket be cleaned after it starts packing in the dirt, debris, grease, mud, and other undesired materials that aren’t necessarily supposed to stay on your leather jacket, even if you take extremely good care of your leather jacket it will get soiled over time there’s no denying that.

This might get concerning at this point, and it should be as to how can YOU being an ordinary person can restore your jacket back to its former self when it was new and rocking.

Significantly that being said there are quite a number of ways you can bring into play, but none of the lots says that you can just throw in your precious and expensive leather jacket right into the washing machine and dryer with your normal dirty laundry, that’ll surely knock down your jacket for good, leaving it shriveling and with massive cracks.

Remember it is never a good idea to do so, IT’S A BIG NO-NO! Anyways we’ll put some ways out here for you;


Dry-Cleaning leather is basically not advisable, and it’s not always a walk in the park. It’s a common mistake most folks make when it comes to cleaning jackets, they think its gonna do the job, just like that.

But what they don’t necessarily know is that dry cleaning is a harsh operation for your sensitive leather (or in some cases with a custom designed leather jacket) and it might ruin its shape and finish, as it removes substances that were used to dye and soften the skins.

If you’ve loved your leather since purchase, there should never be a need to have it dry cleaned, using the correct amount of care and the right cleaning products can postpone or even eliminate the need for dry cleaning.

But when excessive soiling makes it absolutely necessary you can just take it to the special type of dry cleaning specifically for leather, that way you can assure that at least your beloved leather is in good hands. It might come a little more expensive plus some color change is most likely anticipated.

Specialist Leather Cleaner

That’s the wisest decision a leather enthusiast can make, to hire a specialist leather cleaner for getting the job done. You can always count on the specialist to take care of your precious leather. The specialist will put any effort into restoring the color, softness, and texture of the garment back to its former glory.

Taking things into perspective, a specialist leather cleaner would tend to analyze and record the basic particulars that include the type of leather, the color of leather, the finish of the leather, the texture, and noting any prominent variations in color before the real thing starts.

Primarily it’s a process designed to preserve the look and feel of leather, and you should always go for it.

Quick Actions

First things first, wipe off any spills immediately right after as you don’t want it to be leaving a permanent unwanted dark stain on your leather. It’s super simple, use a soft cloth (without fibers), dampen it with warm water and gently rub it across the spill spot (best to move it in a circular motion over the spill) and after that, dry the area with a soft dry towel (again without fibers).

That’ll take care of the spill for good.

Get rid of Dirt and Grime

If you’ve already taken it upon yourself to clean your leather then you might wanna first lose the dirt and grime that’s been stuck on the leather’s surface, dust your jacket gently and efficiently, do not miss out on any spots. Be super gentle doing so.

Use Leather Cleaning Solutions

Right after dusting your leather jacket, use a soft cloth or rag to apply leather cleaning agents/solutions. Pick the right cleaning solution based on your leather type and that works best. Pour out definitive small amounts of cleaning agent/solution onto the cloth and rub it gently and firmly (in a circular motion) over the leather surface leaving no spots behind.

Remember not to use ammonia and bleach-based agents as these pesky guys would definitely ruin and irritate the leather causing excessive dryness and cracking on the surface.

Leather Conditioners

Secondly, firstly priorly, you would want to need to condition your leather after cleaning. It is highly recommended to use good quality leather conditioners periodically over definitive intervals, as the leather may dry out after some time being.

Always know what type of leather you got and what type of leather conditioner will best suit your leather before purchasing as you can’t just go around buying any conditioners you can lay your hands on, things might go south for your leather should it be in contact with a wrong conditioner.

Leather Jacket Conditioner

As said, aim for good quality conditioners with lasting effect. Remember, a good leather conditioner helps restore your leather jacket’s former glory!

Cleaning off Molds from your Leather Jacket

It is not that uncommon to find molds and fungus just sitting there on your leather products or specifically leather jackets, as it happens mostly due to elevated humidity where the leather product was stored.

Getting rid of these unwanted, undesirable molds is fairly easy and you don’t need a leather expert to do it for you, you can do it all by yourself at home. Make a mixture of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol and use a cloth to wipe off the mold, the mold would come off just like that, without any significant difficulty.

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