Best Leather Jackets For Halloween Costumes

There are many festivals celebrated all around the world but the most hyped and awaited festival is Halloween. Halloween consists of numerous activities that people do to make this night memorable. There are many parties, music concerts, horror shows, movies and the most prominent of all is the opportunity to look as ridiculous as you want. People are allowed to dress up as their favourite comic characters or some horror character. Your costume will show everyone how creative and fun you are. The idea is to dress up as your favourite character without compromising any bit on the looks and style.

These characters could be from anywhere or even you can dress up as a thing. I have seen people dressed up as depression with a half sad and half happy face paint. Therefore, the amount of creativity you can show is limitless but creativity is not enough you need to have charm as well. To help you with your choice of character this Halloween we have made a list of cool characters that you can opt for and leave all your friends in an awe of astonishment.

Ghost Rider Leather Jacket

We all know that ghost rider is one of the most iconic yet spooky bad-ass characters. There is competition because a Ghost rider with on his chopper bike with flaming wheels, and a burning skull is what we all dream of. This character is pure evil and literally lit. If you want to look lit too then all you need is a face paint of skull which looks so cool plus to get the ghost rider look you just need to have that jaw-dropping leather jacket. This leather jacket has everything, it is rugged, marvellously damaged and those shoulder spikes are just what you need.

Dead Pool Red and Black Jacket

After Ghost rider, we have Dead pool and Dead pool is on the opposite realm of the comics. Where ghost rider kills people as punishment for their sins and then we have Dead pool who is the ultimate sinner. This Halloween get this look and I assure you that everybody will be gargling around you. The red and black costume is the definition of awesomeness and the red and black leather jacket will make you look fit and well-structured. If you have a witty sense of humor then this is character is going to be the best fit for your Halloween character.

The Batman Flash Back Dusty Coat

There can’t be a Halloween fancy dress party without someone dressed up as the world‘s best detective The Batman. Batman is the hands-down the most bad-ass character of DC comics and everybody loves Batman but those people who like to look out of the ordinary, avoid getting dressed up as batman because it won’t be a unique idea but with our leather jacket you will stand out from the crowd of ordinary people. The leather coat that Ben Affleck’ batman had worn in the flashback scene of the movie Batman vs Superman and the whole dusty look of the Bat is what we want you to achieve this Halloween. With this getup, you will be in the spotlight the whole party.

The Joker Purple Jacket

When we talk about the most iconic Hero Batman, we can resist talking about the evil villain, the psychopath, crown prince of crime, one and only The Joker. Every year a number of people dress up as The Joker because of numerous reasons. The joker is an iconic character the look completely changes ones’ personality, The joker has the look which differentiates you from the people all because of that mind-wrecking purple colored leather long coat. Now, this coat is everything evilness and anarchy. The vibrant color, the shiny texture, and those big flap collars are just sweet. This Halloween doesn’t think too much get yourself that joker long coat. You will be thanking me because of all the attention you will be getting at the Halloween night party. Say Hi from us to all you Harley Quins, Mr. J.


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