Battle between Leather Jacket and Denim Jacket

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Round No. 1. Versatility.

Which among the two is more versatile? Leather jacket or Denim Jacket.

This first round is all about the number of outfits your jacket can complement and both the competitors in this round are appear to be equally matched. Denim and leather, both can be worn as a formal attire with dress boots, formal button down shirt and a classy watch and can be rock in a casual way with funky sneakers (try not to be too funky you are not 12 anymore) and a plain T-shirt that compliments the look.

But wait a moment, there is a change in the situation, Leather got the upper hand here, Leather jackets have the super power of looking great with any pair of jeans while on the other hand, a denim jacket with matching jeans is a DISASTER especially blue denim and blue jeans. It is called the ‘Canadian tuxedo’. Now Denim is coming short in this round. Will Denim be able to bounce back?

And the answer is yes. Denim jacket counters with the ability to look good contrasting colour jeans. Whether it’s black jacket with off-white jeans, blue denim with black or white jeans. As a matter of fact any colour jeans looks great with denim jackets but the trick is it has to be in contrast with the jacket and not the same colour.

It is impossible to find the winner just yet. This round is not finished now. Leather comes again with an upper cut of different jacket styles, –flight jacket, fatigue, the motorcycle jacket and trench are to name a few. Some are more formal types in case you want to create an impression at work which includes the blazer and cafe racer. These two are considered less casual and are more tilt towards formal.

For example, Jackets with slit in pockets are considered less casual and falls in to the category of formal jackets while on the contrary, more casual jackets have flaps on their pockets. Now we have to see does denim have anything to match this? Any more tricks under that stylish sleeve? Unfortunately denim has nothing to counter this blow of leather jacket because they are almost in every situation considered casual and can’t be worn in formal sittings no matter how much you would want to, it will look weird and give the impression of carelessness. We have a clear winner for this round which is Leather jacket.

Round No. 2. Price.

The competition is not over yet, the next round is about Price.

Style is not everything, the amount of burden it puts on one’s pocket is also important. We cannot afford to go broke in the struggle to look stylish. Denim jackets is way less expensive as compared to leather jackets.

Denim looks promising in this round and shows determination to win this one. Denim is comparatively less expensive. You can buy a good denim jacket in $100 while on the contrary a good leather jacket is not a dream below $500. Is this going to be an easy victory for denim jackets?

leather jackets comes back with an astonishing hit with its durability and long lasting life, which puts denim to the corner. Yes there is huge difference in the prices of the both but price is not everything. According to simple men style equation VALUE= Price/Number of wears. This puts denim in a difficult situation because despite its low price its durability doesn’t provide the right value and leather although is expensive but lasts a lifetime if worn with care. But we cannot ignore its heavy price. So to be fair and keep the excitement continue we will call this round a draw.

Round No. 3. Care

Denim Jacket or the Leather Jacket which requires less care and gives more wears.

Durability and the number of wears of any fabric decreases if it is left with no care. Durability and the life of any clothing has lots to do with the care it has provided. In this round our competitor will be battling to become the one which requires less care and give more wears.

Leather jackets starts the round with a bang because undoubtedly it is more durable than Denim jackets but there is catch with it. It requires oiling and it should be protected from heat in order to have the desire life otherwise the results will be very disappointing.

The drawback with leather jackets is that you cannot just throw it in the washer and Hurrah! you have it nice and clean. I am sorry but that is not going to happen you need to spot clean it with hands which is a time consuming task. Where on the other hand, Denim jackets are machine friendly and can be washed and dried without any real effort. Denim is not going down easily, this round goes to Denim and the score is Leather jacket 1 and Denim jacket also at 1.

Round No. 4. Resistance against weather.

The final round, Denim jackets goes against Leather jacket in the fight of Weather.

Which of the fighters has the ability to withstand the blows of different weathers. Leathers swings its punches with the ability to provide solid windbreak and protection against the cold weather, it is your ally against cold weather. But the same ally can become your worst enemy in hot weathers as it will be practically impossible to wear leather jackets in summers or even slightly warm weathers it will get extremely uncomfortable and sweaty.

Now, Denim jacket strikes a kick at the mid-section with its breathable and comfortable nature, Denim is more comfortable but it doesn’t provide much protection against the cool winds of the winter season and can be get unbearably waterlogged in the rain and takes a lot of time to get dry.

Nonetheless, it is proved that Denim jackets can be wear more months of the year. Now it is the chance for leather to capitalise and it does with its strength to fight the rain. It has the ability to bear heavy rain and some leather jackets even have waterproofing compounds included in them. This was a close round but the victory goes to Leather jacket because a good leather can have the durability and life to be passed on to younger generation, it has more versatility and can be worn as a rain coat in rain and as a shield in winter.

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