5 Stylish Leather Jackets to Buy In 2020

We all already know that leather jacket is like the undisputed king of the all the clothing, the attitude, the class and the superior style of a leather jacket makes the person wearing nothing less than a king. King of style. But like all good things there is also a catch with leather jackets too, there are multiple types of leather jackets and all of them are equally appealing and worthy of your well earned money but you can’t buy all of them for two reasons. Number one is that high quality rich leather is costly which leads to these leather jacket being a little hard on the wallet and reason number two is that having one leather jacket that suits you and matches your style is enough for you to look jaw-dropping and plus you would not want to take it off so when will you wear the other ones.

The variety of leather jackets and the amount of sheer style and killing attitude makes it hard for the wearer to choose from all these lust worthy and equally desirable options that is why we are here to ease up your decision making process by presenting the list of best leather jackets for men.


The Classic Leather Jacket

If we are going to discuss leather jackets it is certain that we cannot ignore the Classic Leather Jacket. It is not as famous as its other fellow jackets but it is still the timeless classic and can never be replaced by changing trends that comes and goes. If you intend to reward your wardrobe with this one you need to make sure to get the right fit.

Moreover, this jacket doesn’t include too much accessories like the biker jacket so the thing you need to focus on is how it sits on your body and in what ways it compliments your body because despite its superior class and style it is you who wear it and not the jacket who wears you. This is the choice for those people who don’t want to overdo anything and plans to keep things plain and simple.


Biker Jacket

As the name suggests the biker jacket was first designed specifically for bikers. The especially designed structure of biker jacket allowed bikers to lean over into their bikes more easily and gave a soothing feeling while riding in the mountains or deserts or even in the streets with the jacket on. Later this style became quite popular and now it is admired not only among biker but to everyone thus it is not restricted to bikers only.

Furthermore, the biker jacket has many components attached to it in order to get more attention from everyone. These features add a lot more content to the jacket, and the features are zips, buckles, poppers etc. Biker jacket is incomplete without its trademark large lapper collars that can be fold over each other or snap down. The biker is arguably the most trendy leather jacket these days and not just for bikers but for all the people who wants to create a strong impression through their appearance and style.


Bomber Jacket

Bomber is one of the most prominent and best-selling type of Bomber Jacket. Historically the renowned bomber jacket was made for pilots and was designed to be a flight jacket. These jackets doesn’t get along with heavy buttons, buckles or bells. The design is simple yet stylish. The thing which makes it different and grabs the attention is its shape which is tighter at the waist and wrists thus gives the wearer a unique and attractive look.

A bomber jacket can be worn on almost every occasion, hanging out with your boys, rock it, going out with your loved one on a fancy dinner you can rock it. A bomber jacket can get along with almost every other item in your wardrobe but you need to pair it with less vibrant clothes because your jacket is the only thing people are going to admire about your outfit. Moreover, recently it has been getting the right attention and admiration from people all around the world and we are not surprised why.


Shearling leather jacket

In order to love Shearling, first you need to understand what Shearling really is, it is one of the most expensive among leather jackets and you don’t want to spend your hard earned money thoughtlessly.

Shearling coats are made from sheepskin pelt, the pelts are first tanned with soft wool inside and outside with suede leather combined to it which makes this one of the most elegant piece of garment there is. This garment will not only be able to survive cold, moisture but also the wear and tear of time.

There are a variety of shearling jackets in different designs, shapes and sizes. Some are restricted to knee length some are allowed to fall all the way to the foot. Despite of these coats being significantly expensive than other fellow coats these coats having a tendency to last lifetimes and have a high probability of not only outliving you but also your children.


Café racer

Café racer is the one that you would definitely want to have if y9ouare into bikes and like to spend your leisure time wandering on the roads. Motorcycle racers consider this jacket as an essential part of their wardrobe but this jacket has no adopted by all the people alike biker or no biker people are rocking these fantastically.

You can see both men and women wearing it on parties, at clubs even at the office too. It’s just so versatile and easy to pair with any outfit. Café racer jacket is also very much like because of its different style as compared to other jackets, it doesn’t have so much embellishments for extra attraction and garnishing the creators or café racer leather jacket wanted to keep it simple and sexy. The look is simple and featured a straight zipper that goes all the way up to neck and meet with the extra classy collar which completes the look to perfection.

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